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Do you give a guarantee on entering the TOP?

Any SEO only increases the likelihood of reaching the top search engines. In other words, we know that a quality website designed from the point of view of usability, behavioral factors, textual factors and commercial factors should go to the top according to advanced requests, however, no one can ever give guarantees, because Yandex and Google systems are self-learning systems and issuing a top is their choice, not ours. We can only comply with all the required conditions. Companies that guarantee the withdrawal of sites to the top are scammers, since it is impossible to predict the behavior of a third party (Google, Yandex). We work according to the “Point A” – Point “B” scheme. First we analyze the site’s positions and then analyze the same positions after the reporting period after SEO manipulations. As a result, our client sees growth in traffic and positions – which is our KPI Thus, every month we increase the indicator of “site visibility” in the top of search engines. If we look at the statistics of our customers, then this is from 3% to 30% per month.

What SEO tools do you use?

We use only pure promotion methods. We are not engaged in cheating and motivated traffic.

Will you edit the content of my site?

Definitely – yes! 50% SEO optimization is work with content. All the things that you can do in the admin panel of the site we do on our own. If the question is about editing the site code – in this case we will create a TOR for your programmers. We can provide our programmers with an additional hourly rate.

How do you generate reports?

For SEO, we use 2 KPIs:
1. The increase in traffic
2. Increase% of words in the top of search engines from the general semantic core

When can you expect results in entering the TOP?

It all depends on how old your domain is and the site hosted on the domain, as well as the general condition of your site (technical and content). Today, search engines are quite powerful and respond very quickly to newly created sites and their pages, so any action taken on the site is reflected in a change in position almost the next update (i.e. the next day). Only sites that have just been created can make exceptions. In this case, you will be under the filter of the “new site” (sandbox) from 3 months to six months. With proper SEO optimization, this period can be shortened a bit. Highly competitive words that really take a long time to promote are also a separate unit, but this is primarily due to the fact that the sites contain “old-timers” in the top and the system must make sure that your intentions are serious for a long time.

Who makes the changes to the site?

If the planned changes can be made within the administrative part of the site, our managers do it together. If the planned changes require changes to the code, developers (programmers) are needed. These are usually client-side programmers or our own developers. Programmers are paid separately.

Do you have your own programmers, developers, if we want to change the site?

Yes, there are programmers. And we are always proud of the absence of bureaucracy and the speed of our programmers. We know that many are burned in their work with web studios in terms of long approvals, lengthy deadlines and huge bills as a result. Therefore, we built the work in such a way that would introduce the changes as quickly as possible. 1. The task is set for the programmer 2. The programmer estimates how many hours it will be required for him to complete the task 3. The number of hours is multiplied by the programmer’s hourly rate and sent to the client for approval 4. After coordination, work is done, 5. Payment for the programmer’s work is added to the payment for SEO work and paid once a month at the agreed time.

If we want to redraw the design to increase usability, can you help us with this?

Our team has a web designer with a diploma in prototyping UI / UX interfaces and extensive experience in digital. At the request of the client, we can provide the services of a designer for an additional payment.

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